• Ambarin Chiniwala

3 ingredients at rescue.

Hello everybody,

The world loves to rush, we are all looking at places to go, adventures to complete, tasks to do !

What we forget in this fast paced life is to take care of ourselves.

The first sector to get neglected in this mess is our own health.

those late nights, constant Exposure to phone screens and sunlight.

This lifestyles has become a part of us and we can’t drop it down !

Even we travel and work in the same pattern!

But after all these trying and testing I have come to terms with these 3 ingredients that are super versatile , easily available and easy to make too.

The juice Has been sworn by a lot of super models, digital stars and even our brides.

All it requires is beet root (partially heated) + a little spinach and lots of carrot.

Add an apple or add kiwis in order to enhance the taste.

keeps your vitamins in check,

promotes nail growth, hair growth.

clears up most of skin

Loaded with fibre.

Have it once daily either juiced, raw cut or turned around in soup. A little everyday will help maintain the Health !

Thankyou !

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