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5 bad hair day fixes.

Need good hair day all the time but lacking the time for it.

here are 5 quick fixes that will help in achieving good looks on bad hair days too.

1) using a dry shampoo or talcum powder. - part your hair and spray or dust a little quantity. massage it well into the scalp making sure all the excess oil gets absorbed by the dry shampoo/powder.

this will give a fresh look to your hair, similar volume to freshly washed hair.

this can be done in one wash gaps only or the powder starts flaking.

2) frizzy ends - carrying a perfect front but the ends killing the look.

take any serum recommend L'Oreal professional liss ultimate serum which is a light weight yet effective serum.

take 1 pump of the serum, massage it into your fingers and rub it gently on your ends and the left over slightly in the mids to add in more shine.

can be done in the entire mid lengths to ends if excessively dry.

3) use a headband or bun it with cute accessories.

4) To make your natural volume last or longer or for a no hassle fix, part your hair on the other side of your natural part and let your hair dry this way after wash or simply change your parting to get a decent volume.

5) curl the hair to get a little texture- divide your hair into 4 ponytails, braid them and run iron over it to get soft beachy wavy texture, also a good technique for vacations.

I hope this helps in recovering from 60% bad hair days.

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