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It’s just the beginning!

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Hello everyone,
This is a new step forward and I feel blessed to be sharing it with you all.
Let me start my blog by introducing myself and Exactly what you should be expecting when you come to my page.
I am Ambi Chiniwala, a makeup artist and hairstylist from past 8 years now.
Started working at a very early age, so for six years it was working under someone to gain knowledge and experience.
I gained my knowledge from various institution for example my graduation from Loreal professional academy , specialised in haircut from hongkong Toni n guy And several others that I shall share over the course.
Its been 2 years since I started my own little brand. Itssahaircircus.

Also, we are soon going to complete one year for my studio. Which we all are very excited about.

with this blog, we aim to achieve a better knowledge and understanding of my clientele and also help with everyday looks and techniques.

we firmly believe there is no end to creativity and the more you share the knowledge the more it grows.

So we wish to expand further with all you amazing people reading and supporting.


Ambarin Chiniwala

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