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The day we completed one year.


I finally have the strength to write about that day. Almost after 20 days.

As it was such an overwhelming day for me.

We had been going crazy planning for about a month and it was really nerve wrecking just thinking about the day and only hoping nothing goes wrong.

Specially I was amazed by how much love and Interest everybody took in the 1 week offer period. We all worked all day long and the self grooming sessions were a Success.

All pretty makeup enthusiasts, taking in every bit of knowledge and applying it to use so precisely.

After a really successful we looked forward to an even successful celebration and we weren’t let down even one bit.

The celebration kick started with a musician playing acoustics and setting the mood just right.

It was the gathering point of the party till everyone came through and together. Post the acoustics it was time for a little Announcement before getting the cakes In.

we Set up a nice projector and launched our website on the same day and also gave a way to more and more new beginnings.

You Cannot end a lovely evening without getting the sweet rush in.

I had this absolutely amazing cake from a vendor called barbies bake boutique.

In an mouth watering flavour of red velvet with belgian choclate, with decorations of truffles and our logo to lead.

It was absolutely unbelievable that every bit of this cake was over before the party even finished.

we had a lovely decor team called Aadhya events that did an absolute fabulous job with the entire place.

Towards the ending came the biggest task of finding the perfect outfit. It was I think the biggest of all Task.

I went through n number of dresses before I finally could find one, and one would say it was worth all the trouble.

My final outfit I got from Zara and the pumps from vero moda. Here is the entire look I put together.

Lastly we got all these amazing memories captured by the brand THE TIME MACHINE.

We absolutely loved every bit of that day.

And our really grateful for all the vendors and those who attended or even just admired through social media.

we hope to celebrate many more years.


Ambarin Chiniwala

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