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what is your hair's basic need?

hello everybody,

lets talk about hair today.

in today's life having healthy hair has become a great task.

With us constantly travelling, with the amount of pollution, and the growing stress in the daily routine. Hair is the first thing that suffers.

Though there are a few solutions or routines that are suggested by us to balance the health of the hair.

1) using a good shampoo and conditioner

our shampoos have an acidic base, as to helping out in the clearance of the residue from the pollution and oil.

This cleansing process makes the ph level of our hair shift a little which is why conditioners (basic in nature ) are very necessary.

it helps to maintain the ph level of hair at the same time treating them right.

2) selecting your perfect combo.

to select the shampoo, you need to check your scalp condition for eg. dry, dandruff, hairfall, sensitivity.

to select the conditioner - check your hair condition eg. split ends, curly hair , frizzy hair, need more volume.

In further posts I’ll share more natural tips and tricks to maintain the hair all healthy.

Till then,

take care guys.

and take a step forward to good hair.

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